Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eight? Really?

My son is eight. EIGHT. Do you hear me, internet? I can. not. be old enough to have an eight year old. But look at him.

He's just such a giant boy. He has big gangly feet, and dirty fingernails most of the time, and he reads his books all sprawled out on the couch, oblivious to the world around him. He talks about science without pausing for breath for large chunks of time. He often rolls his eyes. But two minutes later, he's reading "The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil" out loud to his brother for an hour. Or having tea on the floor with his baby sister. Gah. I could just eat him up. Except for the fact that he's way too cool to let me. But just today, he let me grab his hand while we were crossing the parking lot. Gulp. Savor it now, self.

And of course, there was a party. A first time ever sleep-over party. Oh yeah. Us, and six oreo-fuled, chocolate cake-crazed, gummy snake-gobbling little boys. There was cake, of course:

And HILARIOUS conversations, and silly faces, and nerf gun ambushes:

and it's never a party without presents:

including a fancy big-guy bike, with gears and shocks and all kinds of schmancy gadgets that an eight-year old boy can love:

and there may or may not have been some sleeping bag stair sliding races - but I'm not sayin' either way:

Mmmmmm. We love us some stair sliding at the Butler household. And we love us some 8 year old, stinky boy, sleepover fun. Between some indoor camping and a big batch of daddy-made pancakes in the morning, we slept (a bit), fed them, and sent them home, all hopped up on homemade oreos and little boy craziness. A good time had by all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh. so. lovely.

I know I'm probably the last person to fall deeply, achingly in love with this movie, but please, tell me - have you seen Bright Star? Oh, no? Get up, then, you ninny, and go rent it. Right now.

It is, without question, one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a while. Yes, it was nominated for a gazillion awards for costume design. But oh, you have to see them:

From the opening scene of the title sequence (which is now in my top three) I just held my breath the whole time - it was so tragic and romantic and lovely and heartbreaking. Sigh. Are you back from the movie store yet? Yes? Well, then shush. I'm watching it for the second time. :)

psst. here's the trailer. just for fun.

Monday, February 15, 2010


oh, valentines day. i know it's silly, and mostly just a marketing tool, but i figure i can never pass up an opportunity to tell my favorites that i love them.

we had a blast making treats for the boys' classes. i saw the idea here, and knew we had to do it - especially after this little incident.

i spent the morning at aidan's class...he had so much fun and was such a sweet boy to his baby sister.

then my mister took me and the littles to lunch at one of our most favorite spots. it's a shame this baby doesn't love her daddy one tiny bit.

after that, it was running home to pick up balloons for jack, and to his school for another party. oh, lordy, the sugar content in that room was OFF THE RICHTER. i have never seen such a candy orgy in my life.

but the fun didn't stop there. oh, no. because we had made plans with our greatest buddies to meet for ice cream. yah. because the candy and the parties weren't quite sort of reminded me of this scene:

but we did have some fun, and we love hanging out with the brewers. so all in all, it was a great day.

and finally, at the end of all the candy, candy corn, sugar and syrup (okay, i couldn't choose just the one, right? scroll down to the maple syrup flask video.) we did have a tiny photo shoot with the baby and a pink balloon. and a sassy pair of boots. click here to see the set.

and then, then i had a little day of love with MY valentine. and what did we do for valentines? well, besides laundry, that's none of your beeswax. :)

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