Thursday, June 3, 2010


It really is staggering, how fast time has started to run on me. I know I probably sound as though I am 172 years old, but it's true. Time runs faster when you grow old.
And even though I'm pretty sure I don't have more than 4.7 readers, I do feel a bit guilty about the little 2 1/2 month hiatus I've taken from blogging. Not because I'm nearly positive that there are people gnashing their teeth and wearing sackcloth because they've been unable to pop in for a witty post or a glimpse of my ADORABLE offspring, but because I know there are nanas and papas and mimis and pas and even super awesome family friends who keep track of our little tribe through this site. So. All teasing about firing myself aside, sorry it's taken me a bit to catch up. In my defense, it's taken me this long just to "catch up" with my life. For reals. HERE'S WHY: (and mind you, this is not a complaint)
In the last 3 months we have: had a birthday, had a visit from nana & papa, gone to the zoo, had cupcakes for st. paddy's day, spent spring break with mimi here in oregon, gone to the aquarium, spent a bunch of days at the beach, spent easter on a farm, then gone snowboarding for the weekend, brought mimi & pa back to watch the kids while we snuck away to NYC for 5 blissful, wonderful, etc...days, started baseball (playing AND coaching), started karate, earned a new yellow belt, had another birthday, had a girls trip to Hawaii, had preschool graduation, had an anniversary, had ANOTHER birthday, (party for which is yet to come) and it doesn't show ANY SIGNS OF SLOWING. DO YOU HEAR ME, INTERNET?? I'm realizing something, here:
THIS IS NOW MY LIFE. It doesn't ever slow down - it just keeps getting faster. More people start playing sports. And demanding that you drive them places, like to play with their friends and such, and feed them THREE TIMES A DAY. OR MORE. It's staggering. So, I'm going to work hard to catch up and show you what we've done. It might not be witty, or bitingly sarcastic (well, it probably will be that) but there are pictures. Lots, and lots of pictures. So - here goes.

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