Tuesday, May 25, 2010


baseball season is upon us. playing, and coaching, and practicing, and lawn chairs and snack bags and the baby sisters pushing dollies around in tiny strollers. i would love it more if i wasn't putting a puffy down vest on my kid for games, in JUNE. i'd love it more if we hadn't had 4 rainouts so far. but it's baseball. it's striking out, getting on base, tagging home and little boys cheering and clapping. it's keeping score for the first time, it's shoulders up, faces grinning, or even taking a ball to the face. (poor jackson!) we didn't win a lot of games. we had fun. we played baseball. we pitched the kids who wanted to try, not just the ones who could get it over the plate. we took them to ice cream. we ate sunflower seeds. i love it. i grew up on it. what else do you really need?

we think the coach is pretty hot. and he multi-tasks, too.

the pitcher...

the crowd goes wild!

the mama, keeping busy
the girls...

Monday, May 24, 2010


hi. so, in an effort to promote efficiency, reliability, and consistency around these here blog-parts, i've fired the blogger. she's been a COMPLETE slacker lately. i mean, it's like she hasn't even SHOWN UP to work in over two months! and get a load of that header - it still says WINTER. winter. and it CLEARLY is no longer winter. it's almost like she's had a million other things taking priority - birthdays, jaunts to NYC, visits from family, trips to Hawaii - jeeze. like i said - slacker. however, i'm I MEAN SHE's applying to be reinstated. so, we'll see how it goes. check back in a few days and we'll see if she got her job back. :)

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