Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Waiting to feel the urge....

Again, we're back to the nesting issue. Now, though, I'm having a new problem. I'm having the urge to "un-nest." Like, for instance, our friends the Gibsons left Monday for the MOST exciting adventure. They're taking their 3 kids (ages 2, 4, and 7) to Italy and Germany for 5 weeks. And I'm yearning to go with them! Even almost eight months pregnant, I'm feeling the itch to get the you-know-what out of here. And we're not talking little weekend trips to the beach, here (which we are doing this weekend). I'm talking about jonesing for a full on, international, multi-week adventure, with children in tow. Here's a rundown of last night's bedtime conversation:

Sarah: When can we go to Hawaii?
Shawn: Not for a while, maybe in the fall.
Sarah: How about the Bahamas? How long is that flight? The boys would like it. How old does the baby have to be before I can take her to the Bahamas?
Shawn: Have you picked a color for the baby room yet?

Do you think this could be another form of denial?

I keep waiting for that urge to kick in, you know? The one where you start baking things, and sewing things, and cleaning things, and rearranging furniture, and then you eat half a bag of beef jerky. Oh wait, the beef jerky was yesterday, and unfortunately was not preceded by any cleaning or furniture rearranging. But so far all I've managed to muster up is the occasional burst of laundry duty, and mostly that's just because it's starting to creep out the door of the laundry room and I don't like to look at it. Also, the kids are out of socks.

Hopefully it will kick in soon, or they may be wearing flip flops for the next few months.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A shameless family plug

So I have to give a shameless plug for my little brother's new venture. Him and his buddy started a new business called Porch Dog Woodworks. They make beautiful adairondack chairs and the like. Trust me, I've watched this guy build stuff since he was about Aidan's age, so I know they are turning out amazing products. Check out their new website by clicking on the title of this post!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little confused...

Here's a word for word playback of the conversation I woke up to this morning. Shawn, Aidan and I are laying in bed.

Aidan: Daddy, I'm wearing underwear.
Shawn: That's great buddy!
A: I have a penis.
S: Yes, you do.
A: And under that, I have another, teeeeeeny tiny little penis.
S: (Laughing) No, Aidan, those are your testicles.
A: No - I have another teeny tiny penis.
S: Aidan, those are your testicles. And stop squeezing them like that - someday you'll need them.
A: Will I need them tonight at Amy's house?
S: (Choking) NO! You most certainly will not.
A: Daddy, move your hand. I want to poke you on your nickles.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Denial Nesting (part two)

In one of my last few posts, I confessed that I've been nesting in all the wrong places (such as my car) which are not necessary to bring a new baby into the world. We've decided to call this "Denial Nesting" - as in, denial that our life is going to be TOTALLY discombobulated for the next six months to a year or that we should do something to get ready for it. So today, I continued my fine run of denial nesting - outside. Granted, it was a beautiful day. I decided to cut all of THIS back -

so my herbs and lavender might have a chance to grow back this spring. Much better, no?

I also pruned back all my roses, and swept the patio, and weeded. Seriously. While I was slaving away - oops, I mean enjoying my hobby of gardening - Jackson went for his own little adventure. He hopped our back fence, and went frog hunting in the wetlands behind our house. He had a great time, and came back COVERED in goopy, black mud. This is what spring days are made for!

These are what boots SHOULD look like...

If I can think of any more prjects to do that have NOTHING to do with having a baby in the next 12 weeks, I'll let you know!

Spring is sprung

Today was BEAUTIFUL with a capital BEEE...we took advantage by hitting the park after school with our good buddies the Brewer boys. It was the perfect spring morning. And yes, you'll notice in the pictures that Aidan IS wearing pirate lace over his t-shirt. He didn't want the hat or jacket. Just the lace. Whatever works for you, I guess! Jackson and Wes spent most of the time creating something (we never really were sure what) out of sticks, dirt, and wet moss. They had a blast. They are two little engineers - they totally get each other. It's great. The only bummer about days like today are that they kill you when they go away! You get all hopped up on sunshine and gentle breezes, you rush to the plant nursery to buy your starts and stuff, and then tomorrow you get the sunny day hangover when it's raining and 40 degrees.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Home again...

Well, the weary travelers are finally home! After a long day of airports and car rides, we are safe and sound - back to our "blue house" as Aidan kept calling it all week. We had a great trip to Southern Cal - lots of fun, friends, family, and adventures.

Sadly, I think that was probably our last big trip before baby B #3 makes her way into the world. We only have 11 weeks to go, and I have done...absolutely nothing to get ready. Do we have a name? No. A nursery? No. A carseat? No. Apparently the nesting instinct has not set in yet, except for in my car, which I spent two hours vacuuming and cleaning out a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she can't sleep in there.

I thought I'd post our last few pictures from San Diego, of Jackson's birthday party. Usually (as many of you know) I have a big thing for birthday parties. Pregnancy has seriously cured me of that this time around. Jack said that all he wanted was a party at the beach where he could surf with all his friends. And a cake. That sounded perfect to me. I even let go enough to send Shawn, Jack and Aidan to Target ONE HOUR before the party, told them to pick out whatever snacks, drinks, and party supplies they wanted, and then Shawn's mom and I went across the shopping center and got a PEDICURE. Seriously. It was the most relaxing hour-before-a-party that I have spent in my life. :) The kids had a great time, even though it was more like a day at the Oregon coast than sunny Southern Cal. Let's just say that I was the only mommy out on the beach - everyone else was cozied up in the car! But my sister-in-law was gracious enough to let the whole crew come back to their house for cake, playtime, and they even set up the bouncy-house. Jackson said it was EXACTLY as much fun as he thought it would be. What else can you ask for?


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