Wednesday, March 17, 2010

erin go braugh.

St. Patrick's Day is so different when you're a parent. We didn't drink green beer, or go hang out on the street with all the crazies downtown san diego, (not that we've ever done that. ahem.) or even make corned beef and cabbage. because we have three kids, and who are we kidding - there's no way in hell they'd eat corned beef OR cabbage, for that matter. But we did make a stop for some yummy treats - The Sweetest Thing is a fun cupcake bakery, and oooohhhhweee, they did it up right for St. Paddy's. That chocolate-y bundle of goodness right there? That's a GUINESS cupcake, people. As in, a chocolate and STOUT cupcake with...WAIT FOR IT - baileys creme filling and chocolate fudge frosting. Yeah. Mmmhmmm. It was as deeelicious as it sounds. There may or may not have been an incident with a cinnamon cake, maple frosting, and crumbled bacon cupcake as well. And my little Irish lass is easy on the eyes, no?

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Gia said...

my goodness... i just love love love reading your blog!!!


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