Monday, May 24, 2010


hi. so, in an effort to promote efficiency, reliability, and consistency around these here blog-parts, i've fired the blogger. she's been a COMPLETE slacker lately. i mean, it's like she hasn't even SHOWN UP to work in over two months! and get a load of that header - it still says WINTER. winter. and it CLEARLY is no longer winter. it's almost like she's had a million other things taking priority - birthdays, jaunts to NYC, visits from family, trips to Hawaii - jeeze. like i said - slacker. however, i'm I MEAN SHE's applying to be reinstated. so, we'll see how it goes. check back in a few days and we'll see if she got her job back. :)


Tracey said...

once again making me smile!! Please please please give her another chance she has such POTENTIAL!!

Gia said...

you know what.. i came to your blog quite a few times only to be very very sad cuz you hadn't written and now you're back and i'm soooo soooo sooo happy!!!!


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