Monday, April 5, 2010

easter on the farm.

i like easter. i like to cook for it, and find fun ways to decorate, and go to church with my kids, and pick out easter outfits, etc, etc, etc. what i do NOT do at easter is go crazy with gigantic easter baskets spilling over with toxic candy products, which are designed solely to send my kids into a tailspin of sugar high/sugar low hysteria and naughtiness. (peeps, i'm sorry. i love you, but we have to end this.)

anyhow. this is our first year in a long time that we're not having easter with my fam, which usually involves grilling, eating, lounging, and often napping. and i was kind of thinking about just skipping it. like, going to church, and going to mexican food, and going home for a nap. luckily, our friends rock. they work for wineries who throw giant - and i mean GIANT - easter extravaganzas on their lovely farm, which may or may not include grilled oysters with fresh salsa, as much delicious wine as you can handle, confetti eggs, nature walks (with SINGING) for the kids, easter egg hunts, a giant tree swing, and a general feeling of anticipation for the coming spring, even if it is muddy and drizzling. who cares. did i mention the grilled oysters? and that we all had easter dinner in our mud boots? i love oregon.

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