Thursday, April 15, 2010

day two. brooklyn and tiny m&m's.

brooklyn. took the subway to brooklyn, all by myself. felt like a big girl in my big girl panties and pretty sunglasses. brooklyn botanical gardens was a delight, cherry trees all in bloom, nannies and babies roaming, tourists, tiny old ladies, and hipster dads all mingling in delicious sunshine and pink fluff petals. scrumptious. wandered with my camera for quite a few hours.

it was such a beautiful day, really the perfect definition of spring. i headed back to the city, only this time i got even more adventurous and decided to get off a few stops early to go to chinatown. i heard there were some sweet fabric shops just begging to be explored. unfortunately, my innate sense of direction apparently doesn't work from under the ground. i wound up a bit turned around, which was FINE, really. i used my iphone to navigate a bit, ended up in tribeca, which was pretty cool, but the whole sitch got a bit LESS cool when i realized i had wandered about 20 blocks in the wrong direction and was now very close to the financial district. folks, my hotel was by central park. my feet were tired, my camera bag was suddenly very, very heavy, and i decided to give in and just catch a cab. at 5-ish. near the financial district. pause with me now, and then laugh at me. hard. laugh so hard soda snorts out your nose. it only took me 45 min to get a cab that was going the wrong direction. this included one guy who stopped and then laughed at me when i told him where i was going. i didn't cry. really. i didn't. much. when i finally DID get a cab, he'd never heard of the Plaza Hotel. Um. Kay. Then he took me the longest stinking way possible, while I NAVIGATED. FROM THE BACK SEAT. WITH MY IPHONE. and at the end, i just paid him the $40 because my feet hurt and, well, mostly it was just cause my feet hurt. does there need to be a better reason?

after i met shawn at the hotel and recovered (read that "had a large glass of wine") in the room for a bit, we headed out for dinner. we ate at a little place the mister usually goes for work, trattoria dell'arte, which was super yum. this is why i like traveling with him: i'm kind of a giant wuss/baby/fraidycat when it comes to telling people i don't like what they've given me. for instance, the first table we were shown to was about 2 inches from the table next to it. pretty sure the man next to us was almost in my lap. pretty sure they had to pull the table OUT for shawn to get in. not exactly the nice, romantic dinner date i was looking for. so shawn nicely, but firmly, asked for another table. we chose to sit on the little street patio, which had heaters, and was sweet and lovely. DISCLAIMER: this is how you know you live in oregon: when it starts to rain (sprinkle, really) on said patio, and the wind picks up, you just put on your sweater. and then about 20 min later, you realize that every soul that was sitting on the patio but you has gone inside, and you didn't notice. and the waiters don't want to come out and serve you. :) anyhow, we finished up our bottle of wine and by that time the rain had stopped, and we went walking towards times square. not because we love it all that much, but because we had made a promise to our baby girl that we'd bring her tiny m&m's from the store in new york. and we did. $30 later. ha.

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