Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nyc, day one.

i'll pretty much do anything to get the heck out of here for a few days, including being willing to basically spend the night in the airport. we met my parents after their flight, which got in at like 11:15. our flight left at 6:30 the next morning, so we did a handoff, giving them our car and crashing out at the airport until we could check in at 4:3o. other than witnessing a guy get patted down by the coppers and then calmly inform them of his outstanding drug warrant, the weed in his shoe, and the needles (recently used) in his bag, it was a pretty uneventful night. we tried to get some rest.

we landed at JFK early, like 9 a.m., and headed into the city. my man looks good in the city, folks. i'm just sayin. :)

we checked into our hotel early...because when you're staying at the Plaza, and you're a president's club member, that's how you roll. they offered to carry our bags up and have our personal butler (no pun) unpack for us, but i kinda felt like that was a little much. i had a vision of a man in white gloves fluffing out my spanx, and that was enough to make me politely decline.
anyhow - the Plaza. There's a reason Eloise liked it so much, folks. it's scrumptious.

Shawn had to run to a meeting, so he let me loose on the city. can you even believe it? and here's how much of a GIANT nerd i am - i went straight to the New York Public Library. right? i like it there. it's pretty, and quiet, and just full of books. sigh.

somehow, i managed to while away the afternoon. sunset found me meeting the mister in central park for a walk.

We even dressed up (heels, people, HIGH heels. i kid you not) for dinner and drinks out - dinner at Five Points (yuuuuummmmeeeeey) and drinks with my sister-in-law's sister (our family is cool!) at one of my most fave new places ever...Pravda....which is essentially a russian speakeasy that is UNDER THE GROUND, peeps. they sell about 18 trillion different kinds of vodka, i couldn't read the "men" & "women" signs on the bathrooms (they were in russian), and my fresh pear martini was killer.

we even passed possibly my favorite window display of all time....before we caught a cab back to our little slice of heaven.

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